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2014 China International Weighing Exhibition was successfully held

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2014 China International Weighing Exhibition was successfully held

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  "2014 China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition" was held on April 19-21 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. From the 20 provinces and cities nationwide and from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries and China Taiwan, Hong Kong, a total of 324 weighing manufacturers are very enthusiastic Participated in this exhibition.

  The majority of weighing manufacturers of this exhibition is full of confidence, and actively enthusiastically registered exhibitors. Although the exhibition site from the scale of production enterprises concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area far away, there is no traffic on the Shanghai and other large cities to facilitate, but the number of exhibitors only in 2013 than the reduction of 7%, the exhibition area is still close to 22,000 square meters , Only 15% less than in 2013. This is the first time in 2011 Shanghai Hengda exhibition exhibition area for the first time exceeded 20,000 square meters, for four consecutive years to maintain the more than 20,000 square meters.

  As the exhibition site in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, the first time to become the largest number of exhibitors provinces, Zhejiang Province is still the largest exhibition area. Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province, the number of exhibitors accounted for about one-fifth of the total exhibition area of ​​the total area of ​​about a quarter of the total. Followed by ranking is still Jiangsu, Shanghai and Fujian. The number of exhibitors in the above five provinces and municipalities accounts for about three quarters of the total number of exhibitors, and the exhibition area accounts for about five fifths of the total area.

  In all exhibitors, the China Weighing Association member units account for about two-thirds, but the booth area accounted for the total area of ​​five-fifths; non-member units accounted for about one-third, but the booth area only the total area One-sixth. The first new exhibitors a total of 53 enterprises, accounting for one-sixth of the total number of exhibitors, exhibition area of ​​the total area of ​​one quarter of the total.

  In all exhibitors, two-fifths of the exhibitors on the booth for the special equipment, special equipment area accounted for three quarters of the total booth area. Another three-fifths of the exhibitors choose standard booths, the standard booth area of ​​only a quarter of the total booth area.

  According to incomplete statistics, in all exhibitors, manufacturers with weighing, industrial scales, household scales, balance of the number of enterprises accounted for about 70% of the number of exhibitors; the main production of sensors, weighing instruments accounted for about 20% of the number of exhibitors, ; The production of other ancillary products (such as: weight, chip, shell, battery, cable, etc.) accounted for about 10% of the number of exhibitors.

  According to incomplete statistics, this exhibition from 29 provinces and cities nationwide audience and from 83 countries and regions, overseas visitors a total of more than 7500 people visited the exhibition, which from Guangdong Province, the audience accounted for 39 %, Other domestic provinces and cities accounted for 47% of visitors, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan audience accounted for 14%.

  April 19 at 9:30 am, "2014 China International Weighing Exhibition" opening ceremony in the Guangdong International Exhibition Center, Hall 3, Central Hall held a grand. On the rostrum to attend the opening ceremony of the guests of the China Light Industry Federation, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Metrology Division, China Metrology Science Research Institute and the Dongguan Municipal People's Government Economic and Information Bureau of the leadership, as well as vice president of China Weighing Association and from Canada, Finland, North Korea, and the Netherlands Metrology Institute, the British Metrology Institute, the Swiss Metrology Institute, the United States National Weights and Measures Association, Taipei City Weigang Association and Shandong, Jiangsu and Fujian Provincial Metrology Institute representatives.

  Chairman of the China Weighing Association Liu Xiaohua, President of the Dutch Metrology Institute Paul Nkowwood, Director of the Hong Kong Metrology and Trade Association Zhang Honglu and Director of the Civil Aviation Department of Fujian Province, respectively, for the opening ceremony of the exhibition, I wish the show a complete success.

  The organizers invited the China Light Industry Federation Du Tong and vice president, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Division Song Wei, deputy director of the Taipei City Weigang Association Zhang Honglu, chairman of the Swiss Metrology Institute Philip Richard President, the Dutch Metrology Institute President of Paul Neckwood, President of the National Weights and Measures Association, Mr. Darrell, Director of the Institute of Metrology, Fujian Province, Mr. Volatori, General Manager of Kilotech, Canada, and Liu Xiaowao, Director of China Weighing Instrument, 9 guests for the opening ceremony The

  During the exhibition, in the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Hall held a special meeting room held a one-and-a half days of the "thirteenth national weighing technology research and new technology, new product launches." At the meeting, first by the United States National Weights and Measures Association, Mr. Darrell made a special report; then the Fujian Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Xu Dehang on the non-weight test large scale device - high precision Weighing load measuring instrument> made a detailed introduction; Shandong Institute of Measurement Lu Xinguang researchers to do the "first set of the world's first automatic weighing material testing system device" special report. Followed by a total of six exhibitors to the audience to introduce the latest scientific research results, the main topics are as follows:

  Design and Application of High Precision Belt Weighing

  New type of column sensor

  D29 meter

  Chute scale

  Dynamic loading of electronic scales

  Internet of Things Instruments XK3190-DS8

  High-speed high-precision gravimetric technology and high-speed high-precision batching instrument

  Used in health scales and portable medical care SOC

  At the seminar, the lecturers were well prepared and informative, and with a unique perspective, a variety of forms, showing the latest scientific and technological achievements, attracting a large number of admirers come to the audience, the venue repeatedly appeared full of grand. After the end of each speech, the audience are actively asked questions, the speaker patiently answered one by one to solve the problems raised by many listeners, and exchanged views, to achieve the desired results, has been recognized by all parties. New products, new technology conference for exhibitors to provide a very valuable value-added services, but also for the instrument industry, the exchange of new technologies and new products to provide a good platform for the release. The conference not only attracted a lot of professionals, but also attracted a lot of potential buyers, exhibitors to win more lively visibility and more potential business opportunities. Enterprises through the site to explain and demonstrate, so that the first time the professional audience to understand the latest achievements of the weighing industry.

  During the seminar, the organizers for the professional audience carefully prepared to prepare more than 800 volumes, "Thirteenth weighing technology seminar Proceedings" and "previous weighing technology seminar excellent papers compilation", was snatched.

  This exhibition will showcase the new products, new technology, weighing and weighing management system, balance, load cell, weighing controller and weighing instrument developed and developed by our country's weighing enterprises in recent years. All kinds of detection equipment, instruments, and weighing products related components, materials, etc., basically reflects the development of today's international scale of the latest scientific and technological achievements, but also fully demonstrated the current level of development of China's Weighing industry. In recent years, China's weighing products production, output value, exports and economic benefits have increased significantly. Some foreign trade exhibitions have come every time, every time there is a new experience and harvest. Some foreign investors have visited a number of weighing enterprises, the Chinese weighing industry is more familiar with this time to Dongguan, Guangdong, see the exhibition on display of China's production of various weighing products, the development of China's Weighing Industry and China's reform and opening up The results obtained are highly appreciated. The opening of the scale of the scale of the day coincided with the first phase of the closing of the Canton Fair, part of the Canton Fair and interested in the scale of foreign manufacturers just come to participate in the scale of the exhibition, and some of the Canton Fair to stay in Dongguan Houjie hotel, exhibition Held the time and place to facilitate this part of the foreign business, so that the number of foreign investors to participate in this scale than the 2013 Shanghai Weichang show did not reduce. The exhibition also received a lot of attention to the domestic users of weighing, some use of weighing more products such as metallurgy, chemical, mechanical, transportation, food, oil and other systems companies have come to visit the exhibition, many domestic foreign trade companies and weighing Dealers also heard the news came to the exhibition, with exhibitors to negotiate trade. Some weighing enterprises in order to speed up the pace of development of enterprises, but also organize the staff to visit the exhibition to learn, exchange experiences and explore cooperation intentions. Many exhibitors signed a supply contract with the customer, expressed satisfaction with the exhibition, that China International Weighing Exhibition in the promotion of enterprises, to carry out technical exchanges, the products to the domestic and international markets played a very good The effect, feel the benefit, have said that the next exhibition will also participate in the hope that the Chinese Weighing Association to the exhibition into a world-class scale of the international professional exhibition.

  The organizers of this scale have sent invitations to domestic and foreign audiences who have visited China International Weighing Appliances Exhibition over the years. We have sent tens of thousands of invitations to the enterprises of the weighing enterprises and the enterprises and enterprises of various provinces and cities. Thousands of information materials with exhibition information, and in the "Chinese measurement", "Industrial Metrology" magazine and other media on the 2012 Weighing Exhibition publicity. The use of these effective reporting methods has played a very important role in the success of the exhibition.

  Since 1995, the China Weighing Association in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Nanjing, Dongguan, Guangdong successfully held the fifteenth China International Weighing Exhibition, a strong strengthening of our economies and foreign economic and technological Exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment to promote domestic production, technology, technological progress, speed up the adjustment of product structure has played a positive role in promoting, while favorable to promote the development of foreign trade. In recent years, China's exports of weighing instruments in addition to the global financial crisis in 2009 affected exports declined, the increase in 2012 smaller, the remaining two-digit annual growth rate. According to customs statistics, China's exports of weighing instruments in 2013 amounted to 1.14 billion US dollars, up 10.16% over 2012.

  During the exhibition during the exhibition, in the process of communication with foreign organizers that the date of the exhibition and the Western Easter holidays at the same time, is expected to part of Europe and the United States audience will be inconvenient to attend. Although the number of visitors from the scene and the exhibition held by the situation, the number of foreign visitors this exhibition did not reduce, and then said that inconvenient to participate in the show also appeared in the show, thanks to foreign investors to give up their important holiday holidays At the same time, also remind the organizers, although the choice of exhibition time to be subject to many factors, but also for the international exhibition as much as possible to consider.

  "2014 China International Weighing Apparatus Exhibition" has been successfully concluded, we will actively organize the next China International Weighing Exhibition. We believe that in the China Weighing Association members and domestic and foreign enterprises and the strong support and actively cooperate with the China International Weighing Exhibition will be more and more successful, better and better.

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