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Electric door industry technology is still popular

Electric door industry technology is still popular

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  China Electric Power Union President Cai Weici on the current development trend of China's electric door industry analysis pointed out that the electric door industry from January to September operation is better than expected, has laid a good foundation for the whole year; 1-9 months electric (Sales rate of 97.47 %%, 0.22 percentage points increase), the sales situation is acceptable; the current business orders are still full, to maintain this year's production is not a problem. However, the construction of electric door production and sales of high-speed growth and efficiency quickly fall; machine tool industry high down; electric doors, internal combustion engines, meters, food packaging growth is slow, electric door profits fell sharply; cultural office equipment industry slow growth. The majority of enterprises in all sectors of the general growth period has passed, the electric door industry structure optimization and upgrading of the pressure significantly increased, the turning point has emerged, in the future to prepare the "tight days."

  Cai Weici pointed out that the electric door industry efficiency growth rate down quickly, the development trend can not be optimistic. From January to August, the national electric door industrial enterprises realized a profit of 339.8 billion yuan, an increase of 27.51% over the same period last year (47.35%) dropped by nearly 20 percentage points, from January to May this year (34.56%) also dropped 7 Percentage points. Profit margin of the main business income in the industry in 2007 was 6.40%, from January to August this year has dropped to 5.98%. This shows that the electric door industry profit margins have been significantly reduced. At the same time, raw materials, energy, transportation, labor, management and financing costs increased, the economic operating environment was quickly. In the case of financial expenses, for example, the accumulated financial expenses from January to August was RMB 42.5 billion, up by 33.35% over the same period of last year, up by 10.37 percentage points over the same period last year (22.98%). Interest expense in financial expenses was RMB37.9 billion, up 42.24% An increase of 15.25 percentage points over the same period last year (26.99%).

  Cai Weici predicted that the fourth quarter of this year, electric door industry growth rate will continue to slow down, but the overall operating speed will remain at a high level. Compared with the previous year, the annual production and sales are expected to still have about 25% growth, profits are expected to have about 20% growth, export growth is expected to grow about 30%, the trade surplus is expected to reach 40 billion US dollars.

  Cai Weici stressed that the high-speed growth of electric power industry has been over the period of time, in the role of increasing profit and reduction factors, change the extensive growth mode is imminent. At the same time, the export growth period has been over, optimize the export industry structure increasingly urgent. The lower threshold of the general small and medium-sized electric door competition intensified, a group of enterprises will be eliminated.

  In view of the development trend of the electric door industry, Cai Weici made recommendations to the iron and steel enterprises. He pointed out that the market shortage of major equipment and high-tech products will continue to be favored, the relevant enterprises will contrarian rapid growth. In recent years, the rapid development of electric doors, engineering electric doors, machine tool growth significantly down, especially one of the middle and low products for the most. Therefore, the urgent hope that the steel industry will become the driving force to adjust the power of the product structure, strengthen cooperation with the electric door business, stepping up the development of electric door industry urgently, the market is seriously scarce special high-quality steel, the current restrictions on the development of electric door industry bottleneck Steel and electric doors both grow rapidly.

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