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Playground industry solutions:

As the pressure of life increases, the quality of life improves, and the topic of parenting is deepened, the amusement industry will be a very valuable and influential industry in the future. With the continuous development of China's amusement industry, the development status of the amusement equipment industry has continuously improved from design to manufacturing. The amusement equipment industry is now an emerging industry in development. Since 1988, domestic amusement facility manufacturers have realized the importance of creativity, planning and research and development capabilities to the development of the industry. China's amusement facilities industry has begun the stage of creativity, planning and research and development. After nearly 30 years of hard work, the creativity, planning and technology research and development capabilities of the domestic amusement facility manufacturing industry have made great progress compared with the development of the industry, and have the strength to compete with well-known foreign companies. Constantly improving the quality of the playground service and enhancing the satisfaction of the visitors experience is the goal of the amusement industry.

Solution overview

Ultrasonic height and weight measuring instrument is an innovative technology product independently developed by Henan Shengyuan. It can be realized by microcomputer control on a standard equipment: automatic measurement of height, weight, voice broadcast and thermal printing automatic paper cutting. And can play customized voice ads. High-precision sensor weighing, advanced ultrasonic original US imported probe height measurement. The ultrasonic integrated intelligent self-help height and weight scale has a novel appearance, luxurious and exquisite appearance, which makes the machine show the noble and luxurious atmosphere. The measuring speed is fast, the precision is high, the technology is advanced, and the quality is first-class.

Program overview facility

It is recommended to use our HGM-16, HGM-18/18A, HGM-1700 equipment as a standardized configuration, ergonomic design, metal rugged chassis. Imported ultrasonic probes, fully automatic ultrasonic technology to measure height (no touch), precision sensors, accurate measurement. The HGM-1700 device provides WeChat public number promotion and advertising operation services to enhance the attention and new intelligent touch screen operation. Automatic intelligent self-detection, full-view LCD high-definition 7-inch color screen display, guided voice, multimedia playback. Improve the quality of the playground service and enhance the satisfaction of the visitors experience.

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