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The baby scale HGM - 3000

Quickdeliveryisasquickassmallquantity    Thehgm-3000babyscaleiscontrolledbymicrocomputer,whichcanautomaticallymeasureheightandweight.Themeasuringresultsaredisplayedbydigitalfastbaffle,andtheprecisionsensorcanmeasureweightquicklyandaccurately.Thermallyprintedmeasurementresultscanbeconnectedtoacomputerforarchiving.Youcanalsoaddotherprintedcontent,suchasthenameofthehospital,department,andphonenumber,dependingonyourSettings.Thismachineislightweight,easytouse,andhighlyefficientinmeasurement.Itisanidealchoiceforhospitals,clinics,physicalexaminationcentersandmaternalandinfantstores,communityservicecenters,newbornrehabilitationcentersandotherdepartmentsandunits.Themainparameters:Strengthshows:Productprofile:TheinventoryisenoughShengyuanfactory'sownproductionworkshopEfficientlogisticsandlightningdistributionQualificationcertificate:1.Automaticheightandweightmeasurement2.Quickmeasurement3.Completeself-checksystem4,largescreendigitaltubedisplay5,date,timeandindoortemperaturedisplay6,thermalprintingmanualtearpaperselection7.Setandaddotherprintedcontents,suchasthename,departmentandtelephonenumberofthehospitalFunctionalfeatures:Lengthmeasuringrange:300-780mmWeightrange:1-20kgdividingvalue:0.01kgWorkingvoltage:ac110-240v50-60hzNetweight:8kggrossweight17.5kgPackagesize:1000*600*300mm
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Quick delivery is as quick as small quantity


       The hgm-3000 baby scale is controlled by microcomputer, which can automatically measure height and weight. The measuring results are displayed by digital fast baffle, and the precision sensor can measure weight quickly and accurately. Thermally printed measurement results can be connected to a computer for archiving. You can also add other printed content, such as the name of the hospital, department, and phone number, depending on your Settings. This machine is lightweight, easy to use, and highly efficient in measurement. It is an ideal choice for hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers and maternal and infant stores, community service centers, newborn rehabilitation centers and other departments and units.


The main parameters:

Strength shows:

Product profile:

The inventory is enough

Shengyuan factory's own production workshop


Efficient logistics and lightning distribution


Qualification certificate:


1. Automatic height and weight measurement

2. Quick measurement

3. Complete self-check system

4, large screen digital tube display

5, date, time and indoor temperature display

6, thermal printing manual tear paper selection

7. Set and add other printed contents, such as the name, department and telephone number of the hospital

Functional features:


Length measuring range: 300-780mm

Weight range: 1-20kg dividing value: 0.01kg

Working voltage: ac 110-240v 50-60hz

Net weight: 8kg gross weight 17.5kg

Package size: 1000*600*300 mm

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