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Hgm-800 height, weight and blood pressure examination machine

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       Ultrasonic height, weight and blood pressure all-in-one machine adopts microcomputer control to automatically measure human height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. The blood pressure USES the panasonic arm type sphygmomanometer, the measurement result may display digitally, the speech broadcast and prints. The measurement results can be output through rs-232 serial port (standard) or bluetooth (optional). This machine has many languages to choose from. High precision sensor focus, advanced ultrasonic height measurement technology and exquisite appearance make the machine more stable and noble temperament, reliable quality assurance and perfect after-sales service also make the machine quickly win the favor of users, is the hospital, school physical examination center and other units ideal choice.


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The inventory is enough

Shengyuan factory's own production workshop


Efficient logistics and lightning distribution


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Automatic measurement of height, weight and blood pressure

Complete self-check system

Simultaneous voice broadcast, multiple languages for customers to choose

Digital display of measurement results

Indoor temperature, time and date display

Heat - sensitive printing and automatic paper cutting, multi - text printing


Functional features:


Height range: 100-200cm        Weighing range: 8-200kg dividing value: 0.1kg                   Body height: 237cm

total weight: 50kg                  pulse: 40-180times/min

Blood pressure: 0-39.9Kpa     standby power <10W

Working voltage: ac100-240v 

Packing size: square boxes: 670*460*380

long boxes: 1870*540*290 mm

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