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Gm-1700 height and weight scale

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       New media WeChat height and weight scale is a powder suction tool, automatic measurement of height, weight, BMI, voice broadcast measurement results and high-definition color LCD display results. Customers of the Internet height and weight scale can customize their own public account, and automatically follow the measurement of each person. The height and weight scale can send the measurement results to the phone of the measuring instrument by scanning the qr code, and the measurement data can be viewed on the phone at any time, giving reasonable dietary Suggestions.


The main parameters:

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The inventory is enough

Shengyuan factory's own production workshop


Efficient logistics and lightning distribution


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Suction powder edge: provide WeChat public account promotion, advertising operation service to enhance attention.

Rapid and accurate measurement: SensComp ultrasonic transducer imported from the United States has been used to achieve rapid and accurate measurement.

The resistance strain sensor is used to measure weight accurately and quickly.

LCD screen: full-view LCD hd 7-inch color screen 800*400 true color, can place corporate publicity pictures.

Data transmission: RS232, bluetooth, WiFi, 3G|4G

The mobile phone displays the measurement results, saves the recent measurement data, and gives a graph, so as to check your health.

Powerful WeChat background service: one machine supports binding multiple public accounts, and multiple devices can bind one public account. Platform open interface supports more value-added marketing tools.

Provide software hardware system customization service warranty for one year.

High-speed thermal printing [optional]


Functional features:


Weight measurement range: 1-300kg

resolution: ±0.1kg

Height measurement range: 60-200cm

resolution: ±0.5cm

Power supply: AC 100V -- 240V 50/60 Hz

standby power: ≤ 5.0w

External size (mm) : 480×325×2310

Square case size (mm) : 600×410×140

long case size (mm) : 1250×300×260

Weight: 16kg package weight: 19kg

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