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Gm-702 height and weight scale

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       The ultrasonic height and weight human scale is controlled by microcomputer, which can automatically measure height, weight and BMI. Can support multi - national voice, according to customer needs. And can be connected to the computer for archiving. Advanced ultrasonic height measurement, precision sensor weight measurement, so that rapid and accurate measurement. Its exquisite appearance is matched with high-grade baking process and anti-skid and wear-resistant ABS plastic chassis, which makes the fuselage exquisite, lightweight, easy to carry (the whole machine can be folded), and highly efficient in measurement.


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The inventory is enough

Shengyuan factory's own production workshop


Efficient logistics and lightning distribution


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Attachment: operation manual, power cord, etc

Data output format: rs-232 interface, which can connect to the computer.

Body type: international general body mass index (BMI)

Weight measurement: precision balance pressure sensor weighing

Height measurement: ultrasonic ranging (original us probe)

Automatic voice broadcast hd digital display. Multiple languages available.

Wireless remote control, not limited by location (optional)

1. Automatic measurement of height, weight and BMI

2. Quick measurement (480 times/hour)

3. Complete self-check system

4. Synchronous voice broadcasting [multiple language selection]

5. Large screen hd digital display

6, date, time and indoor temperature display

7. Wired wireless output can be added with bluetooth and wifi modules [optional]

8. The whole machine can be folded for easy storage

9. Anti-skid ABS chassis

Functional features:


Main parameters:

Height measuring range: 60cm --200cm

Weighing range: 1kg ----300kg dividing value: 0.1kg

Weight: 16kg package weight: 20kg

Fuselage height: 231cm

Operating voltage: AC110 -- 240V 50/60hz standby power: <4W

The machine is lightweight, easy to carry and can be folded with a folding height of 120cm

Wet temperature: 10-40° 20%-85% PH

Measuring speed: 480 person-times/hour, suitable for hospitals, schools, physical examination centers and social health centers with large amount of physical examination.

Package size: 600*410*140mm 1270*310*300mm

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